Computer Science is not Information Technology

Dan Gillmor posted that there’s a shortage of engineers after quoting the Herald Sun about information technology and then moves into the shortage of Computer Science.
I agree with Dan that there is a shortage of engineers, but Dan… a little fact-checking please. Computer Science is not Information Technology.

At every major Tier-1 university, IT is usually taught out of the business schools. Computer Science is out of an engineering school. IT folks do not have to take the mathematics that computer science does but do take business courses. For example, the school I graduated from had IT seniors required to take Visual Basic while CS freshman took C courses. The same IT seniors complained the C course was too hard, and had it stricken from the IT curriculum.
Maybe this would be viewed as a petty thing, but for a Computer Science person that has worked in IT and continues to do so, the difference between the strong suits of each field are vastly distinctive.
Note that I do realize the quote from the Herald Sun is misguided also. What do you expect from an IBM official, who is probably a management or human resources type to talk about CS/IT?
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