BotNets part of terrorist networks? Uhhh….

Bruce Schneier has a brilliant little piece on how the government is fearmongering script kiddy networks. BotNets are basically compromised computers by spyware or virus, that are used in DoS attacks and distribute spam.
From the Independent:

Once a criminal has gathered together what is known as a “herd” of bots, the combined computing power can be dangerous. “If you want to break the nuclear launch code then set a million computers to work on it. There is now a danger of nation state attacks,” says Dr Tippett. “The vast majority of terrorist organisations will use bots.”

Cracking nuclear codes? Come on. They would have an easier time peddling Cialis.
Bruce says:

I keep reading that last sentence, and wonder if “bots” is just a typo for “bombs.” And the line about bot networks being used to crack nuclear launch codes is nothing more than fearmongering.

As always, listen to Bruce.
BruceSchneier < Independent