Bill Gates says that cell phones will kill the iPod BUT…

I was doing some morning reading of Glenn Reynolds an I noticed that he said at Blog Nashville, Dan Gillmor was showing Glenn his mp3/cellphone and how he didn’t carry his iPod anymore. Until Motorola actually releases the Apple iTunes phone, I have a few comments for those that think likewise as Mr. Gates:

1) Battery life: Working in the cellular technology, size and battery life are inversely proportional. Your drain time for your cell phone is never quite the same amount as your iPod. Obviously these people, although well traveled, do not have a wide expanse of music to listen to nor care about battery life.

  • Cell phone: 2-3 hour talk time.
  • iPod: 10-12 hour play time.
    2) As said before, size and battery are inversely proportional. My cell phone is about half the size of my iPod.
  • Cell phone: 3.42 x 1.77 x 1.13
  • iPod: 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.57
    3) Yet my iPod has more than seventy-eight times (yes, that would be a 78x) the amount of space in my cell phone.
  • Cell phone: approx. 128M
  • iPod: 20G
    Working in the telecommunications industry, I have to say that there are a lot of obstacles to overcome with only the battery and size issue. Many people are happy that they can store their entire CD collection onto one device and listen for a full day’s worth of work without having to recharge. There is no way that could happen with a cell phone’s Li-Ion.
    Seeing how battery technology hasn’t improved much in the last fifty years, I wonder how exactly those people that are early adopters of cellphone mp3 players feeling the pain of battery life.
    Personally, I’d rather just deal with a BT enabled phone that can switch between phone and iPod tunes any day of the week until they (mobile device divisions of my employer and others) find the holy grail method of fixing this issue.

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