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MacOSX Tiger warning: Don’t upgrade Quicktime!

Apparently Quicktime 7.0.1 upgrade blows away a MacOSX Tiger install and will stick right at the end of the bootup screen. Joi Ito has just gotten the word that you might want to hold off until further news on the Quicktime update.
UPDATE: It seems that only Dan Gilmor has had this problem from the droves of people that have commented about this issue.
Via JoiIto

Gamer’s Manifesto

A Gamer’s Manifesto. Humorous since it is all true.
ForeverGeek < Slashdot < PointlessWasteofTime

Synergy: Soft KM switch

Synergy is a software keyboard-mouse switch. This is for those people that have multiple boxes, multiple monitors, but do not feel the need for multiple keyboards and mice. Since this can be configured for MacOSX, Windows, and linux, it is very compatible to be used with all of the above. Simply install the software, make all of the machines that you want are configured correctly on the network, and prepare to be amazed.
All you have to do is drag your mouse over to the edge of one window, and it appears on the other machine’s opposite window. You can cut and paste text across screens.
Definitely very useful if you do not own a KVM switch or only need a KM switch.
Via Synergy
UPDATE: Link fixed. Thanks anonbob!

Technorati Japan launches

Technorati Japan beta site launches. Congrats to the DigitalGarage and Technorati team. Perhaps one day we will see a Technorati China.
JoiIto < TechnoratiJapan

No IE7 support in Windows 2000

No Internet Explorer 7 support in Windows 2000. This only effects Internet Explorer support, but rather strange considering support for Windows 2000 has been extended past the June 30.
Update: Windows 2000 extended support is up to 2010 for security updates.
Lockergnome < IEBlog

Turn a USB thumb drive into a bootable device

HP has this neat little utility that will turn their own DiskonKey and HP DriveKey into a bootable device (DOS). It requires a MSDOS boot disk to copy the files over but it apparently works on other thumb drives as well.
Get the utility here.
Lockergnome < HP

Docking boxes (dbx)

Similar to the sorting lists, this Javascript code takes the boxes and applies a snap-to-grid function along with the drag and drop, and show and hide functionality. Docking boxes (dbx) does exactly what it says it will do and also has keyboard accessibility along with the usual mouse movements!
LifeHacker < dbx


HoverHelp is developed by Richard Livsey, and is a small script that allows clear mouseovers for hovering help tooltips. Attach a popup to anything!
LifeHacker < HoverHelp

Detroit High school saves $100,000 in 2-year OpenOffice Study

A Detroit high school just completed a 2 year OpenOffice study. Savings? $100,000. Now 100% of the faculty and students use OpenOffice. Open-source obviously has some added value doesn’t it.
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No one gives one damn about efficient money use in IT

Having personally had my fun times with GCS IT on the issue of open-source, a meeting that was planned and scheduled by my friends at the Greensboro Linux User Group between RedHat and the City of Greensboro that ended nowhere, and my latest e-mail transactions between my wonderful City Councilwoman that represents myself….
I’ve decided:
No one in this city gives one damn about efficiency when it comes to money being used for Information Technology.

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