Slashdot Effect fizzling? I think not.

On a roll this morning. Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine, points out that the Slashdot Effect may be fizzling. But the arguments take were driven were two different styles of site takedowns.
1) Slashdot Effect is based on one single link from one site generating so much traffic to the destination site that the destination overloads.
2) Blog effect is from multiple sourcing to one destination site.
Where is this difference? Slashdot generates enough traffic to take down a site by itself. That’s a very big deal. Multiple sourcing is very similar to denial-of-service attacks where multiple hosts ping the destination. Due to overwhelming response from so many hosts, the destination dies.
So how many other single sources could do the same as Slashdot? I would have to go with BoingBoing.
There is need to point out that Slashdot still slows down or kills the sites that it links to where BoingBoing usually does not. So in the end, Geek News still wins out the war when it comes to host death.
Via BuzzMachine