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A sucker is born every minute for good advertising music

It was not too long ago, that I got hit by the bug of ad music. It probably began with U2’s VertigoiTunes), striking down dance-bug jitters into anyone that saw the special edition iPod commercial.
Then it was the hip-shaking lady from the new iPod shuffle commercial blazing away to Jerk It Out (iTunes) of the Caesars. Just swing that hair all over.
Apple was rocking my world, with some amazing advertising gurus picking songs that would stick in my head like panhandlers to a twenty dollar bill.
Then in an amazing turn of events, Sony released their PSP (Playstation Portable). Not to be out-done by the advertising genius of Apple, they decided to do a similar style of advertisement. Argh, I just can’t get the PSP song out of my head! What was it… Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out (iTunes).
Then by a miracle, someone guided me to AdTunes. Never again will I be lost and tearing my hair out trying to figure out who the artist was that was singing out of my picture box. I’ll be able to throw more money at artists I’ve never heard of because of some person was jamming in some ad agency and thought the whole world should hear the same tunes.

All links were for the most part provided by AdTunes, so if you buy the albums through the links, proceeds go to AdTunes.

Zoomifyer EZ

LifeHacker has another great utility review. This one is called Zoomifyer EZ. It is a tool that creates Flash driven photos. You can zoom in and out on photos and move around in them via controllers.
The application is made specifically for Windows or Mac. Take a look here!
Via LifeHacker

Lotus Notes client to be released in 2005

IBM finally is going to release a Lotus Notes client for Linux. FINALLY. Assuming you used the Lotus Domino Server for Linux to begin with. Coming soon, later this year.
Via Lockergnome


With the latest rise in easy installation linux distributions, PC-BSD aims to do the same as a FreeBSD derivative. With the KDE automatically installed, there should be the ability to use the desktop right after installation.
This will definitely give users a better feel for FreeBSD, which has been the operating system of choice in the past for geeky people.

GW’s big secret

Jeff Jarvis:

Bush is going to regret this photo.

Via Buzzmachine

How to make iced coffee

Ever want to make iced coffee? Here’s how.

1. Brew a pot of fresh coffee. If you’re making the coffee just to be iced, prepare a slightly stronger blend than usual to account for ice melting later.

2. Transfer the desired amount to a carafe or pitcher.

3. Let stand at room temperature for 3 to 5 hours, or refrigerate for 1 1/2 to 3 hours.

4. Fill a 10- to 12-oz. glass with ice cubes.

5. Pour the chilled coffee into the glass.

6. Stir the coffee to equalize its temperature. Add milk if you like.

More tips here on the iced coffee.
Via eHow

Police cuff five-year old.

This is what our world has come to and society allows this to happen. Police cuff a five-year old after she throws a tantrum and teachers are unable to control the youngster. Understandably, the teachers only have limited disciplinary tactics. So who should take responsibility of this five-year old’s temper tantrum? Where are the parents in all of this? Police interaction? Come on. What a waste of public resources.
Via WizBangBlog

Having problems? Need to backup your Mozilla? No sweat

MozBackup is a great little utility to handle the hassles of backing up favorites, contacts, and mail and others from Mozilla FireFox, Thunderbird, and Netscape utilities.
Unfortunately, this is only a Windows utility, but it does make life easier on everyone in that type of environment!
There is also support in many languages.

Cleaning oil paint off hands

Some tricks from Tricks of the Trade.

Oil based paint can be cleaned off of your hands by using olive oil as a solvent. Pour a little in your hands, rub them together vigorously, and the paint will come off in about a minute. This is far safer than using turpentine or paint thinner on your skin.


How to chill wine fast

Another one from LifeHacker.

Put the bottle in a bucket with ice, water and a large handful of salt. The salt reduces the freezing point of water and will allow it to become superchilled, which will in turn chill the bottle of wine in six minutes flat.

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