It’s all about the PR.

Paul Graham, author of Hackers and Painters, has another great essay on PR.

Our PR firm was one of the best in the business. In 18 months, they got press hits in over 60 different publications. They made us into stars. And we weren’t the only ones. In 1997 I got a call from another startup founder considering hiring them to promote his company. I told him they were PR gods, worth every penny of their outrageous fees. But I remember thinking his company’s name was odd. Why call an auction site “eBay?”

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Personal note: I would thoroughly suggest anyone that has felt like Dilbert, or liked the essays that Paul Graham writes to read his book. I have thoroughly enjoyed every paragraph, word and sentence. It helps that I’m not alone in feeling like people that have no clue about what they’re managing seem to want to make all of the decisions about the subject matter.