IBM Thinkpad 390 Series LCD Replacement Instructions

Via Triangle Laptops:

1. Ensure that battery is removed and that the AC adapter is not plugged in.

2. Using a small flat head screwdriver to pry up the LED panel, insert the head of the screwdriver under the panel between the F6 and F7 keys. It will swing up from the front; only lift it from the middle of the panel, not the ends. After it snaps free, pull it out away from the LCD.

3. After removing this cover, remove the two Phillips screws securing the keyboard.

4. Locate the tab on the body of the laptop between the “Home” and “Insert” keys, just below the LCD display housing. Using the flat head screwdriver, press this tab toward the back of your laptop. It will swivel away, releasing the keyboard.

5. The keyboard can now be gently lifted from the back to about 30 degrees, then slid forward until it is clear of the palmrest. Be careful here; it is still attached!

6. You will see that there are three ribbon cables connected to ribbon connectors on the motherboard. You can use a straightened paper clip that has one end bent into a short “L” to pull up on either side of each of the connectors, thus releasing the ribbons. When all three ribbons are loose, the keyboard can be placed to the side.

7. You will see two cables coming down from the LCD display and connecting to the motherboard. The right-hand cable includes your brightness control, the speaker wires, and your MIC wires. This cable’s connector can be pulled directly out of the motherboard; it is generally best to pry up the edges of the connector first using a small flat head screwdriver; you don’t want to put too much stress on the wires and take a chance on pulling one free from the connector!

8. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a flat ribbon connector going into a small circuit board that is screwed to the motherboard. This cable operates the LCD display and backlight. Remove the two screws securing this circuit board. Rocking it side to side a little, lift it away from the motherboard. You’ll need to maneuver it somewhat to avoid disconnecting the wires passing over it on the right-hand side.

9. You’ll find two screws underneath the laptop at the rear right-hand and left-hand corners that attach the LCD. Remove these. You will find two more screws passing through the rear of the laptop about even with the first two. Also remove these.

10. Pull the LCD panel up with even pressure on both sides, and the hinge posts will slide free of the laptop.

11. Reassemble the laptop following these steps in reverse. Be sure that the LCD cables are seated securely into the connectors on the motherboard. Also be sure that the keyboard ribbon cables are inserted fully into their respective connectors and that the connectors are pressed firmly down on both sides, thus locking in the keyboard.

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    Im having a problrm with my Lenover laptop screen. It has disoder colors appering during start up of the ststem..Please help…