FBI crack WEP key in 3 minutes

FBI demonstrated at an ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting recently that it is possible to crack a WEP key in three minutes.
Slashdot < TomsHardware

Personal note: NOW? WEP key cracking has been simplistic for ages. What’s even more amusing is that they did the three minute crack by kicking off an authorized user from the network to collect the packets. They might have gotten into the network in three minutes, but with that many reauthentications from the authorized user, that would red flag to any system administrator. BAD way to hack. First rule of hacking: if you’re going to break into a network, make sure that you’re not detected. Idiocy.
Then the FakeAP gimmick was stupid also, since by the screenshot, I can eyeball which was a good network. FakeAP is a fun program, but if you don’t name the fake access points well, it chooses names and keeps throwing out similar ones. A better way is to create evil twin effects with a hostapd. Note that they’re using a GUI also, even though kismet and all wireless cracking tools are written in CLI. Obviously, speed is not an issue with the government and they’re not in tune with the hacker criteria of having console windows. Looks like KDE in fact. Ew.
Only thing that I can claim at least the FBI do get somewhat. They used Linux.