Would you pay 5 cents a song?

A McGill University visiting scholar and previous music industry veteran, Sandy Pearlman, proposes to have the music industry charge by a quantity versus current standings.
The head of the British music industry said much of the same thing at the same conference.
Pearlman’s thoughts basically iterate that if the 25 billion illegal downloads is brought to terms, the music piracy would be stalled and the music industry could benefit from the move.
Apparently Apple is listening to his comments.

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Personal note: This would be interesting if someone actually went ahead with the whole search engine and five to ten cents a song approach. In all idealism, I cannot imagine it would not work. This concept has been proven by McDonald’s and Walmart. People want more for less, and corporations benefit from the vast quantities of the product line. The reason for the success behind Costco and Sam’s Club lies in the “super-size me” culture.