Texas AG suing Vonage over 911 service

Texas attorney general is suing Vonage Holdings Inc. over their lack of 911 service. Or at least the fact that you have to set it up.
Engadget < WashingtonPost

Personal note: I have to agree with the Engadget staff. When I signed up for Vonage service a long while ago, I was berrated by emails and other forms of service notices (snail mail) on setting up my 911 service online. If I’m not mistaken, there is even a huge warning letter in the box itself that I received. What the Texas attorney general is accusing (of Vonage not having adequate warnings for setting up 911 service, just does not exist.
The only bad thing about Vonage – 911 is routed through a generic call center that does not have your current location unless you provided it via the Vonage site beforehand. This is because the current E911 system is controlled by the regional telecom in the area, and everyone knows that they aren’t willing to play nice with current VoIP carriers (even though they have been edging their way into this niche market also).