Spam zombies run on NC’s Research and Educational Network THIS easily

What I found most amusing today.

2005.03.02 13:41:39 	MT-Blacklist comment denial on ‘LUX.ET.UMBRA’.
Author: Texas hold em; Email: [email protected]
North Carolina Research and Education Network NETBLK-CONCERT-CIDR1 (NET-198-85-0-0-1) –
Forsyth County MIS NETBLK-FORSYTH-C (NET-198-85-16-0-1) –
Forsyth County MIS FORSYTH-C5 (NET-198-85-20-0-1) –

Looks like Forsyth County MIS can’t even keep their IPs clean. I suggest they read Adam Wenner’s The Free way of ridding your computer of spyware, adware, malware in general, and viruses [Weaver Academy].