Schneier says it: TSA lied

The Acting Inspector General of the TSA wrote that the agency misinformed individuals (media and Congress) during 2003 and 2004. Schneier includes both documents of the report by the Inspector General, and the report by the Government Accountability Office on how TSA has NOT met the criteria set by Congress to pursue SecureFlight.
Apparently TSA doesn’t care.
More on SecureFlight here.
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Personal note: I have to admit. Of all of the governmental offices lately that are riddled with inconsistency and inefficiency, I have great respect for the GAO. I’m sure they operate like any other governmental office, but they’re the only ones that have actually gone out and said: You said you’d play by these rules, you didn’t, here’s why. So far, GAO has no issues with taking on big dogs like the CIA, TSA, and other departments. Good for them.