IL politics: How to not sell adult games to minors without the definition of “adult”

Illinois politics has just placed all the responsibility of defining adult to the retailer. Unfortunately, there is no definition of adult in place for the retailers to act upon. Brilliant.

Here’s an example. If a SpongeBob game was sold to a minor and a parent thought it was “promoting homosexuality” (you all heard about that nonsense, right?) then a retailer could be accused of selling adult content to a minor. This isn’t far-fetched. In fact, it’s likely.

In the end, the only people these politicians hurt is themselves and their constituents. You want to break economic growth? Follow up with this proposal.
Via Joystiq

Personal note: What I find absolutely scary is that Kay Hagan (state Senator from Guilford County) is pushing a similar bill here in North Carolina. Similarly, this could land on the backs of the retailers. So while we’re having a meltdown with the textile and manufacturing industry, let’s kill our gaming retail industry too. Brilliant.