Hillary Clinton decrys gaming industry

Hillary Clinton decrys the gaming industry for providing children with games that encourage prostitution, murder, talking poorly about women, and other topics.

“Children are playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them,” the US senator and former first lady said.

Strangely enough, here is the other side:

Other studies showed that violent games would not cause serious problems in healthy families, but could do so in families where children were left alone for many hours.

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Personal note: I believe I have commented on this before, but if children are effected by games, then the blame doesn’t fall to the game but bad parenting. Morals are taught and enforced. If people are crushed by this comment, tough. First, most of those games are rated “M”. They shouldn’t be able to get them unless an adult purchases it for them at most stores. Second, even if they do play those games, most of the middle school to high school kids I know have more sense than most adults I deal with in society. If they do not, it’s a product of the parent(s) not effectively spending time with their children and speaking to them about morals and ethics.
I hope the Democrats don’t put up Hillary for President in 2008, since I won’t be voting for her. Especially since this issue really drives home that people just want to play the blame game, but won’t take responsibility for their own actions. Easier to blame an entity (corporate vendors), then blame yourself.