Capital One Incompentency

What’s in your wallet?
Just recently, a friend disputed a credit card charge with Capital One. Should be straight forward fraud charge that they should start an investigation, right? No.

Apparently the vendor charged this friend a charge. Strange thing is, the friend has never had an account with this vendor. Even stranger, the vendor now has a disputed charge with another friend with the same last name. The disputed claim number is the same. Okay, what the heck? One note is that the disputed claim is on a Capital One Visa.
Capital One needs to get some people that understands English. This has been going on for the last four months and still on-going. No one has even tried to solve the problem, even though it seems rather obvious since the first friend doesn’t even have an account with the vendor so obviously the charge is not authorized.
The other friend is the one that made that charge with a Mastercard (also Capital One). With the same last name however, Capital One SOMEHOW moved the charge from the Mastercard to the Visa.
Steps to take to a possible solution:
1) Switch the charge from the Visa to the Mastercard.
2) Apologize to the two people that it’s effected for over five months.
3) Hire people that don’t take shortcuts.
With all the recent screw-ups with ChoicePoint, this is just one more issue that corporations need to clear up before they go off and hire celebrities to tote their product.
What’s in my wallet? Certainly never going to be a Capital One card.