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iPod shuffle armor comes to life

Remember that little number for the iPod Shuffle that some guy came up with? Sexay little iPod armor made of aluminum? Well, the designer (Greg Gutierrez)has teamed up with Griffin Technology and it’s been mass produced as the iVault. Comes in silver, red, blue, and purple and costs $29.99. Ships in May and you can preorder them here.

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Mobile phone games

If you’ve ever noticed that Japan is going nuts over location-based games, here is a repository of what you’re missing out on. Notice that Europe and Asia seems to have had it out for a while. Ahh… Treasure Hunt.
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Howto make webcam see infrared

Here is a tutorial that shows how to make a Sweex USB webcam see infrared. Only thirteen steps with a filter. It should work with other webcams also, seeing that it’s only a filter hack.
Slashdot < Infrared webcam

Howto build a BlueSniper Rifle Part I

Tom’s Hardware has a great tutorial on the BlueSniper Rifle, created by Flexilis. This was showcased at Defcon 12 to show that there were ways to exploit the Bluetooth vulnerability and scan devices from afar, while manufacturers were assuring their customers that it was only close range contact that was needed.
This bluetooth sniper rifle costs quite a bit to build since it has an onboard linux computer (Gumstix) but it is definitely better than the predecessor.
This also goes to show that hardware hackers are always looking for new and interesting projects that create awareness. Security by obscurity is not something that manufacturers can use as part of the scheme to delay patches anymore.
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MCI accepts Verizons bid for buyout

MCI accepts Verizon’s bid for a buyout and leaves suitor QWest Communications in a lurch. MCI accepts the $7.6 billion by Verizon instead of taking the $8.45 billion by QWest. The financial position of QWest concerned the MCI board, which is why they didn’t go with the higher bidder.
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Code insertion in Blogger comments

Blogger has an exploit where if certain conditions of the server are met, there is a chance to exploit the server by injecting code within the comments. The code is then executed, allowing malicious intent to ensue.

Under these circumstances, an attacker may inject executable code into the archive page by posting a comment to the weblog because, while Blogger automatically strips most HTML from comments, they do not strip processing instructions. Blogger should be stripping out EVERYTHING between a “<" and the next ">” unless it is one of the allowed HTML tags, or should be stripping all unapproved HTML and converting any remaining “<" characters that aren't part of approved HTML to <.

Via BugTraq

Schneier’s analysis of the GAO report on Secure Flight

Schneier has an analysis of the GAO report on Secure Flight. Some interesting points to note in the report:

  • TSA plans to include the capability for criminal checks within Secure Flight (p. 12).
  • The timetable has slipped by four months (p. 17).
  • TSA might not be able to get personally identifiable passenger data in PNRs because of costs to the industry and lack of money (p.18).
  • TSA plans to have intelligence analysts staffed within TSA to identify false positives (p.33).
  • The DHS Investment Review Board has withheld approval from the “Transportation Vetting Platform” (p.39).
  • TSA doesn’t know how much the program will cost (p.51).
  • Final privacy rule to be issued in April (p. 56).
    Via Schneier

  • South Park as anime fan art

    Wow. SouthPark as anime fan art. This site is amazingly done on an amateur base.
    ForeverGeek < サウスパークとは

    Hillary Clinton decrys gaming industry

    Hillary Clinton decrys the gaming industry for providing children with games that encourage prostitution, murder, talking poorly about women, and other topics.

    “Children are playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them,” the US senator and former first lady said.

    Strangely enough, here is the other side:

    Other studies showed that violent games would not cause serious problems in healthy families, but could do so in families where children were left alone for many hours.

    Slashdot < TheAustralian

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    Princess Leia hologram to be real soon in the near future

    Everyone knows about the Princess Leia hologram that R2D2 projects in Star Wars. Now, Barcelona based TheSpecialThing, has created Imagepro3D.

    IMAGEPRO3D(R) it is a new and revolutionary interactive system of publicity and communication that allows the spectator to see animated three-dimensional images or messages that “float in the air” without the necessity of special glasses.

    NearNearFuture < TheSpecialThing