Woz thinks Apple should be placing resources in other issues

Interview of a Canadian student who is in legal troubles with Apple for leaking a developer edition of MacOS 10.4 prompted the response from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak:

“I was shocked reading the interview. Everything fits into place that this is an unintentional oversight and the interviewed student appears to be one of the most honest people on this planet. I have to question who is most right in this case.

I wish that Apple could find some way to drop the matter. In my opinion, more than appropriate punishment has already been dealt out. In this age of professional spammers and telemarketers making fortunes, we’re misusing our energies to pursue these types of small time wrongdoers. I will personally donate $1,000 to the Canadian student’s defense.”

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Personal note: Finally. Thank you. You have just made me have more faith in corporate America and hopefully Apple if they listen to their co-founder.