Want to optimize your bootup in Linux?

There are a couple ways to optimize a linux bootup.
You can:
1) Optimize your kernel – recompile your kernel so that all the essential things boot straight from kernel, maximizing speed.
2) Optimize your current boot configuration (services)
3) Run stage 2 processes in parallel
First you must diagnose your kernel. I suggest to use BootChart. Bootchart is a wonderful program that documents what services are proceeding at what time during the bootup and gives you a timeline and CPU usage outlook. This helps clean up some services and re-time bootup sequences.
You can do the first by following step-by-step on The Linux Documentation Project’s website here. For specific distributions, there are easier ways to do this.
The second step is simple. Take a look at your init.d and turn off any services that you do not need to use at bootup. For a laptop, this may include ftp server services, ssh server services, etc.
The third step, I would suggest to take a look at runit. Simply, runit takes your stage 2 and processes services in parallel instead of one at a time. This will maximize your processor load and decrease bootup time.