Triangle Bloggerfest aftermath

Just a word before I head to bed after a grueling night of work.
I was reflecting on the Triangle Bloggers Conference and I realized a little something that I never got to say. Thanks Ed!
Why you might ask. While I was sitting there patiently with my hand half in the air, waiting my turn, it seemed like Dan Gillmor and Paul Jones were looking anywhere but the first row. (Strange since usually you look to the students in the first row when you teach). In any case, Ed whispered that I should raise my hand higher. While it might not seem like a big deal, I was about to be exasperated enough to just move to the steps to where Dave Winer was sitting and raise my hand there, just for laughs. Needless to say, I did get my turn and hopefully it actually hit home somewhere for someone.
I think that while Ed says that everyone blogs for fifteen people, I probably blog for about 0.15 people.
It’s strange how the little things in life make such biggest impacts upon your life.