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Maxim art directors are CopyLeft supporters

Creative commies in Maxim? Are you sure? Take a gander at this. If you’ll notice, there is the backwards C. Comrade MAXIM! The order exists everywhere it seems.

< George.Hotelling

Microsoft targeting WINE with WGA

Microsoft’s latest target is WINE. With the Windows Genuine Advantage, they are targeting the one way that Linux users have been accessing Microsoft products without using the operating system.
Codeweaver’s president, Jeremy White:

“The reason we love this is because this shows that Microsoft is aware of Wine at very high levels,” said White. “For us it’s exciting — it is an acknowledgement of us as a threat.”

Slashdot < ZDnet.co.uk

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isnoop.net gmail invite spooler

This site stores invites that people give away and spools the invite so that some lonely soul that does not have a gmail account YET, can get one. It is a pretty sneaky way around bothering people for invites and very geeky.
I do see one thing wrong with donating your invites. This allows whomever requests an invite to be sent an invite by you. Thus, both inviter and invitee will be informed of the new e-mail because of the way Gmail invite system works. The last thing I want to do is see some stranger’s email and perhaps incur spam. But great tool nonetheless.

40 Leaders Under Forty

The nominations have been sent in, and the forty have been picked. If you’re interested in attending the seventh annual award banquet, it will be at the Embassy Suites on March 17th. Sponsored by the Business Journal, Jefferson Pilot, Sean Dunn, 107.5KZL, and Classic Rock 92.
Tickets to the event are $30 per person or $275 for a package of 10. RSVP by March 11th.

Bogus libel charge filed against Finnish Blogger

Via BoingBoing:

Back in November I happened to hear about the scandalous events surrounding the elementary school of Korivaara; apparently, the children in the school were being terrorized by a deeply religious headmaster and his fellow teachers (summarized in English by ButtUgly).2 I was amazed by not only such events being possible in modern-day Finland, but by the fact that the whole issue seemed to cause nothing more than a few headlines and some shaking of heads in disbelief.

BoingBoing < ButtUgly < marginaali

Charging your phone on air

Isn’t technology wonderful? Students at the Department of Industrial Design at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi have designed a mobile turbine that can generate three to four watts of power. Running on air and costing about four dollars, what’s not to like? Obviously the less air flow, the less charging the turbine does, so tie your phone and turbine to a kite and hit the beach!

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Review: A White Wall and their Fight

Due to a pretty haughty commenter on JR’s blog post, I decided to give benefit of doubt and read Asheboro Pediatrics.
Review of the content:
Very aggressive language that requires a reader to choose sides right away. Obviously there is an attack and a victim type of scenario. I do not doubt there has been administrative financing “bungles” after reading some of the documents. But the way it is written would make any publishing media source cringe in fear of looking like a side chooser instead of being objective. Reading the short version basically describes the push behind the physician advocacy and why the aggressive behavior. While my strong suit has never been English, I believe that the letters written to the Congressmen could have been more grammatically correct. In any case, the message is fairly clear.
Review of technicals:
Right off the bat, the web design is poor. Whether or not it is an advocacy page or Sony’s corporate website, the first thing that anyone looks for is “no eye sores”. The red text definitely draws your eyes to the letters, but reading it could make you go blind on top of the blue background. Also, this was a redirected site to A White Wall. Personal opinion, but I would never re-direct. People do not realize where they are. More formatting is in order to make this a better advocacy site.
The message is very clear albeit not very concise. The author and colleagues are sick of bad administration and management, like most people from most career fields. Amusingly enough, there is no law against bad management of funds, whether it is through grants or other sources of money. A friend once told me, “you can cry, bitch, moan about your managers, but in the end there is no law against bad management.”
The website needs a redesign, even if it follows a Microsoft template. I have found the best advocacy sites have always been well-designed and speak with a feisty message but without aggressive attacks. Especially when you look to bring others onboard to fight your fight, it becomes rather hairy.
I would suggest that the authors look to further their cause with a web designer and perhaps a lawyer to make certain the message is clear without offending those that could in fact sway their decision for the cause. Those would be the politicians, taxpayers, and most off the media.
I believe there is something there but without going blind reading, I cannot say that I would stand on the side that seems to be waving a gun instead of a flag.
DISCLAIMER: All of the above are the opinions of the author. If you do not like the opinions, forward immediately to /dev/null.

My Virtual Model

My Virtual Model is an interesting time-waster. You can create your own model and try on clothes from Sears and Land’s End. While the model looks nothing like me, it’s still an amusing waste of time. Definitely take a look and try on clothes before you buy it. Since you can’t do that over the Internet (not yet anyways), do it virtually.
Popgadget < MVM

Linux Test Project

This is a linux test suite that basically hashes out everything that could go wrong with Linux. What’s great is that this is supported by some major corporations in testing.

The Linux™ Test Project is a joint project with SGI™, IBM®, OSDL™, Bull®, and Wipro Technologies with a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. The Linux Test Project is a collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features. Our goal is to improve the Linux kernel by bringing test automation to the kernel testing effort. Interested open source contributors are encouraged to join the project.

Definitely something to look at if you are looking to use Linux but are concerned about instability issues (nonexistent when compared to Windows) or testing reliability. I wonder if this test suite implements Six Sigma?

VoIP over WiFi tested for public safety but at what cost?

Very geeky. RoamAD and WI-VOD have just finished testing for VoIP over WiFi up to 80mph in Arizona. This was funded by a Homeland Security grant for public safety personnel.
Slashdot and WNN via MuniWireless

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