N&R’s Front Pew: Is it matters of faith, or actually matters of Christianity?

It has almost been a month since the launch of The Front Pew. A bit of what’s been nipping me in the back of my mind is that I have been following this blog since the beginning and commented here on SR’s rant back in January. The issue being?
January 22nd post:

“Welcome to the Front Pew, our blog on faith, religion and matters of the spirit.”

As I responded before, religion encompasses more than just Christianity. Yet, the only issues that have been covered are purely Christian beliefs. Nothing wrong with that being that we are entrenched in the Bible Belt, but if religion is the topic to be covered, then there is Buddhism, Jewish, Islam, and others to be encompassed.
Why do I bring this up? I think Nancy Mclaughlin is doing a fabulous job at blogging about Christian issues and faith and I applaud her for doing a great job there. But even a slight quibble on Chinese New Year that has come and gone, or other non-Christian posts would be nice.
I suppose I’m asking too much want other religious aspects to be at least represented somewhat when the first post claimed such. Then again, it is called The Front Pew and if I’m not mistaken, a pew is only found in a church, which in turn is a building for Christian worship.
The moral of this story? Annoying people like me can get you on semantics. Maybe there will be corrections, maybe there won’t. But I’ll continue to read The Front Pew hoping for at least one single sliver of other religious content.