Anime Watch: Fullmetal Alchemist

Anyone that watches AdultSwim from Cartoon Network knows of this hit. Fullmetal Alchemist aka Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (鋼の練金術師) has been showing in Japan from 04.10.2003 till 02.10.2004. And it’s amazing!
AniDB entry:

In this world, there exist people with special abilities to manipulate objects and transform those objects into other objects. These people are known as alchemist. However, this manipulation process does not come without cost, as the basic alchemy rules stated that something with equivalent cost is needed to perform the manipulation.

The main character is a famous alchemist named Edward Elric, who loses his little brother Alphonse in an accident. Edward manages to contain his brother`s soul in a large piece of armor suit. However, merging the soul and body of the dearly departed comes with great cost, so the two brothers must embark on a journey to find a mysterious power amplifier which can reduce the cost to manipulate objects greatly.

The theme song is one of those fast paced rock songs that quickly get stuck in your head. Ready Steady Go is off L’Arc~en~ciel’s latest album Smile. Their US distributor is TofuRecords.
My only gripe: Funimation did the English version and edited out the violence and nudity and dubbed men with women voices. What the heck is with that.
Air time is Saturdays at 11:30PMEST.
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Here is a list of the current DVD volumes released in the US.

Hopefully there will be a full box set of the series soon.