Verizon makes marketing boo-boo

The chief marketing officer for Verizon falls for reading sales pitches instead of knowing the technologies.

“For the business customer, especially the laptop guy, it’s all about speed and ubiquity,” Mr. Stratton added. “I think this really puts a hurt on the entire Wi-Fi concept for the business user.”

Glenn Fleishman of WiFiNetNews is correct in the speeds that EVDO brings. On average, EVDO test markets are averaging about 300kbps. With more users on these systems, the bandwidth will drop depending on how the timeslots are handed out. While this technology is cutting edge for the United States market (Asia is already testing 1Gbps over cellular), this is not a replacement for WiFi. Both in cost-effectiveness, and scale, WiFi has 1X and EVDO beat. Until people realize that you need WiFi to supplement cellular data technology, no one will ever understand from what perspective Verizon is coming from.
If you don’t understand what was just said above, here is the simplified version: Would you rather log onto a free hotspot via a WiFi card, or pay through your minutes via cellular?
I would assume that most would choose the former if it was available.