Theaters fight cellular phone interruptions

NPR had a story on All Things Considered yesterday on how Theaters are trying to silence cell phones. This goes back to cellular ethics that has been brought up before here.
In any case, what makes people think that they can ignore the words in big bold letters where it says PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELLULAR PHONES, is beyond my understanding. I suppose if the person cannot understand a word of English, but then why would they be in a theater? What is probably more annoying is when there is a moment of silence during the middle of the act, then “ring”, then *loud whisper* “I can’t talk right now, I’m in the middle of a play…”
What goes through these audience members heads to justify not turning off their phones is beyond anyone’s imagination. Strangely enough, lawyers probably have the best reasons for leaving theirs on: getting e-mailed, beeped and everything else under the sun, and every single one that I’ve ever known has theirs in vibrate mode.
What does this all signify, what does it all mean?

Personal note: I personally have a pet peeve about people having theirs ring during dinner time. I work in the telecommunications industry, and I probably should have the phone strapped to my head since I used to sit on it about 2200 minutes (yes, that equates to about 1.5 days) a month. Yet, I turn mine on vibrate during meal sessions, and some soccer mom across the dining area will have hers set on loud and speak in a voice that opera singers would probably die for. So, after all the ranting and raving, what’s the moral of the story? “The world is not your oyster. Speak softly and turn off the phones if the public deems it annoying!”