Talk is cheap via VoIP

Technology has made talk cheap, via VoIP. We’ve talked about it before and even is covered in a local forum at Greensboro101.
PCMagazine has done an in-depth review of six different services: AT&T CallVantage, Vonage, VoicePulse, Lingo, Verizon Voicewing, and Broadvox.
Slashdot < PC Magazine

Personal note: Interestingly enough, Vonage didn’t come out on top, although I have some qualms about some of the tests to judge the quality of the service. Granted, that the web interface COULD be better with some of those services, but let’s get down to it: IT’S A VOICE PROVIDER. It only matters on the features where the phone operates.
Secondly, they tested fax servicing like it was supposed to not work, because the service provider didn’t offer it. Obviously they don’t understand A-to-D conversions. If you can convert an analog signal to a digital signal and back again, OF COURSE fax will work. Redundant testing, unless you’re trying to fax to Skype (and even Skype can technically handle it since it has a PTSN gateway. You just have to translate the fax (which I bet you could via a PDF since it’s been done before).