Share your phone: call anywhere in the world for free

Pulver is at it again. This time with Bellster. The concept is that if you share your phone number in NYC, and some guy in Europe wants to call NYC, he’ll use your line, and vice versa. Everyone is a happy camper as long as there is sharing everywhere and it would be essentially done through Free World Dialup (another Pulver creation). Cute. The FAQ is here.

Personal note: I think this is great technology and definitely something that I have thought about before. Here is the reason why I have never wanted to create this: If some guy in Italy decides to prank call police stations in the US with my line, then I would be the one in trouble. Worthwhile? No. Or even prank calling some residential phones. I think it is definitely good technology, but it has to have some sort of way to make sure the phone calls are legitimate.