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Will the News and Record open its archive?

Jay Rosen, over at PressThink, asks: “Will the Greensboro Newspaper Open Its Archive?”
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Exaggerated importance on first-year law grades

Glenn Reynolds:

ADVICE TO LAW STUDENTS: Orin Kerr writes on the exaggerated importance of first-year grades.

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MacOS X: Get finkin’

Fink and Fink Commander are one of the best utilities for MacOS X, if you’re looking to play with Linux based applications.
Without getting too technical, the linux applications were ported so that MacOSX could read them. Not everything is there, but there are a good number of binary files that you can install. Increase the breadth of MacOSX!

Now that is ice-cold!

Geneva chillin’.
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The Lost Links

Some more funnies. The Lost Links, just like they sound. Check it out.

Looking for a job?

Perhaps ResumeWiki can help you! Community-based resume editing service where the hope is that you can create the ultimate resume to impress future employers.

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DIY Apollo Guidance Computer

Ever want to build an AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer)? Well now you can with the help of John Pultorak’s plans and project guides. This pet project created a replica of the 1964 prototype Block I AGC and only took him four years! Now you can build one too!
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Fugu – A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP and SSH Frontend

If you didn’t like Cyberduck, try this for FTP. A 2003 MacOSX winner for best use of open-source. Fugu is a front-end GUI for SFTP, SCP transfers and allows for ssh tunneling.
Some of the brilliant features:

    * Drag and drop upload and download of files.
    * External editor support.
    * Image previews.
    * Directory upload (not natively supported in SFTP).
    * Permissions, owner and group modification.
    * Directory histories.
    * Support for international characters, including Chinese and Japanese glyphs.
    * A Console, which may be used like a command line SFTP session.
    * Support for Public Key Authentication.
    * Support for connections to alternate ports.
    * Full Aqua interface.
    * SCP support.
    * Ability to create SSH Tunnels.
    * Keychain support.

Recommended by a good friend from GLUG, Mark Hagenbuch.

Condi emails her underlings

“…And we will spread freedom and democracy throughout the world. That is the mission that President Bush has set for you and me, and the great mission of American diplomacy today.”

I don’t see you helping the Africans which I have spoken about here, and Hogg has here.
Let us re-write that as: “…And we will spread freedom and democracy throughout the world provided it brings us more monetary gain and international disdain.” Cynic? Perhaps. If so, where are our efforts in Africa? With all the defense technology, where is Osama? All the questions in the world, with no answers.
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Mojo’s Top 100 Soundtracks

Mojo Music Magazine has a website called RateYourMusic, where it rates the their Top 100 Soundtracks of all time. Voted on by the community.
UPDATE: A reader points out that Rate Your Music and Mojo are not connected, there is only a list on Rate Your Music that has Mojo’s top 100 Soundtracks. Thanks Raymond!
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