Need antivirus? Here are a couple of solutions

Most people know the names of Norton Antivirus and Mcafee AntiVirus. There’s also Panda Antivirus, and Trendmicro, and a few others that are on the market.
What you probably don’t know are the couple of FREE antivirus utilities that are either freeware for personal use, or open-source.
Trendmicro has a great utility called HOUSECALL. Java applet that scans your system. I usually use this on computers I have no clue about and happen to not bring my rescue utility USB keydrive. Very useful to find what’s wrong with a unknown Windows computer.
Grisoft has a suite called AVG Free Edition. This is provided for free to home users. Very useful, and as good as Norton or Symantec in use, although not as pretty. Works fine on the couple of Windows machines that I do administrate.
Running linux or Windows? Open-source has you covered. ClamAV is an antivirus suite that was written by open-source developers for servers and workstations. There is also a Windows port called ClamWin.
As you can see, there are many solutions without breaking the bank, thanks to different licensing schemes and open-source. Support those software developers!