More drooling over new Vonage products

As I posted earlier, Vonage is finally putting a WiFi phone in our hands. Slashdot covers a link to USAToday where the approximation of $100 for the pricetag of this hot and sexy device. Unfortunately, the rollout date is sometime between April and June.
Some battery issues have rolled out on LightReading:

Tribolet says that there were some technical hurdles that had to be overcome before the company could introduce a WiFi option to its subscribers. “The predominant issue has to do with battery life,” he says. “It’s different than a traditional cell phone which can go into sleep mode. A WiFi handset must always stay awake and be able to search for hotspots. The F-1000 has a battery life of about 100 hours, similar to a standard cordless phone.”

Personal note: The battery life quote obviously comes from a management type and not an engineer. ANY device can be made to sleep, and there just needs to be a page flag just like cellular. It would take a bit of specialized coding, from my perspective, very achievable. While 100 hours isn’t much, you can guarantee that I’ll be sporting one of these babies when they come out if it truly is only $100.