Lawmakers want to be able to be less ethical

CNN covers a story on how House Republicans are proposing to narrow the margin of rules that lawmakers have to abide by that might “discredit the chamber”. This comes after earlier this year, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay goes under investigation of campaign finance practice.

Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, a watchdog group, said the House Republican leaders’ proposal “would fundamentally undermine and damage the House ethics rules, and would constitute the biggest backtracking we have ever seen on ethics standards in the House.”
“If House Republican leaders are allowed to prevail, they will have gutted the single most important ethics standard in the House and turned House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s multiple ethics transgressions into acceptable conduct for all House members,” Wertheimer said.

Personal note: Of all the things the Republican party could be doing, this should not be one of them. The conservative wing needs to distance themselves from scandal and focus on paying for the war, and how to gain back the economics of the United States. Instead, they’re protecting their own by going trying to go backwards with ethical standards and condoning bad finance practices.
Boy am I glad having not voted for these guys this past election and can point a finger and go… “this is not MY FAULT that we Americans are looked on by the world as unethical chumps.”