Gates points accusing finger at open-source communists

copyleftcommies.gif In wide world of open-source, public enemy number one would be Bill Gates. This is no laughing matter either. While Bill’s company keeps trying to break into the open-source world with programs such as Paint.NET and WiX, he’s having fun relating the open-source community to communists. BoingBoing and others poke fun at him after that interview by creating CreativeCommie emblems here, here, and here.
Power to the people!

Lessig writes:

what a total (intellectual) disappointment this man is
If I had the time, and the money, I’d do the deep analysis that it would take to explain to myself why it is I constantly hope to be surprised by Mr. Gates. Yet I never am. Here’s BoingBoing reporting the red-baiting of Mr. Gates.
It’s one thing to read this sort of thing from a studio exec, or head of a record label — surrounded as they are by the sort that surround them. But the people I’ve met at Microsoft are miles beyond this sort of silliness. Does Mr. Gates not even talk to them?

Oh well, seems like Mr. Gates has felt the pressure of the people.
Power to the people!
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