Fugu – A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP and SSH Frontend

If you didn’t like Cyberduck, try this for FTP. A 2003 MacOSX winner for best use of open-source. Fugu is a front-end GUI for SFTP, SCP transfers and allows for ssh tunneling.
Some of the brilliant features:

    * Drag and drop upload and download of files.
    * External editor support.
    * Image previews.
    * Directory upload (not natively supported in SFTP).
    * Permissions, owner and group modification.
    * Directory histories.
    * Support for international characters, including Chinese and Japanese glyphs.
    * A Console, which may be used like a command line SFTP session.
    * Support for Public Key Authentication.
    * Support for connections to alternate ports.
    * Full Aqua interface.
    * SCP support.
    * Ability to create SSH Tunnels.
    * Keychain support.

Recommended by a good friend from GLUG, Mark Hagenbuch.