Ed Cone and other journalist bloggers featured in Wired

Wired News has an article by Adam Penenberg, on journalist bloggers. Most of the issues fall on independent journalists that begin to write for a major publication. Many journalists apparently will not “scoop” their employer.
On an unrelated note, Jeff Jarvis puts it the best here:

Similarly, in this, my personal blog, I will sometimes brag about something my employer is doing that’s relevant but I will not engage in discussions about that employer’s business or policies or actions because I can’t be expected to have a candid discussion like that in public and if I did, what I said would be clearly influenced by my paycheck.

Ed puts in the best words however with:

Readers “know journalists have opinions,” said blogger Ed Cone, who also writes for CIO Insight. “A writer who expresses an opinion in a weblog, and explains how that opinion relates to the subject he or she covers at work, might seem more credible, not less.”

Personal note: Kudos, Ed! I believe that while many of us are afraid to speak against our employers, those that speak out with opinions definitely are more credible than those that do not. At least I feel the same one.