Cingular Treo 650 with crippled Bluetooth

When will US carriers learn? Everyone hates crippled gadgets, especially after shelling out large amounts of money for it. The boys at Engadget have confirmation that the dialup networking profile (DUN) is turned off, and unlike the Sprint Treo 650 DUN profile that got hacked, you won’t be able to turn it on with that hack. No wireless modems for Cingular users… yet.
Via Engadget

Personal note: Why are US carriers trying to make pennies by crippling gadgets? And people wonder why the US is slow to move new technology. Verizon was the first to cripple the Bluetooth capabilities on the Motorola V710. Now Palm’s Treo 650 is crippled. Japan has everything opened since cellular phone turn-around is six months to a year. US carriers are just asking for software/hardware hackers to turn their business into the public enemy.