AniDB and the Anime Recommendation Database

All geeks at some point turn to anime as a link to their childhood. Usually this is accompanied with a lot more blood and mature topics, but usually the visuals are the same.
Ran across a couple useful resources that I definitely will be using in the future.
First is the Anime Recommendation Database. A product of Anime Planet, this has many of the more current anime series and what people think about them. If you’re interested in something, go to Netflix and order it. So far, they have the largest rental of anime that I’ve been able to find.
Next is ANIDB. This has to have the most extensive database on Anime of all times. Not only does it give a description, but it also gives the episode titles, running times, and sequel links. This is an immediate bookmark for anime fans.
So take a look, and if you think that you’re not missing much, just watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Guaranteed to bring out that child in you!