Add a moblog to spice up your blog!

Here are some tutorials to add a moblog.
For those that do not have Radio Userland, or Movable Type, or do not have the patience for actual installs, look to the Flickr howto at the bottom.

To your MovableType blog. This is mainly targeted for those that have those Motorola v710s or if you must have another phone, some other brands. I would suggest using this one if you installed it on your own server:
Moblog MT-Sidebar MFOP – easterwood
This one is easier if you have it hosted elsewhere and do not want to deal with as much hassle:
Moblog MT-Sidebar MFOP2 –
If you wish to use a easier to read tutorial, Ben Milleare has a pretty good tutorial here.

If you have a Radio Userland account, take a look at David Davies’ puts together his moblog. This is probably a very good step-by-step that I’ve seen for Radio Userland.

Sick of all that work? Use Flickr. By far, one of the easiest ways to add imagery from your mobile phone by setting up a free account and uploading your photo streams from your phone. Then just add the tags from Flickr into your blog, and voila! Need a tutorial?
All this trouble and I don’t even have a camera phone…