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MacOS X: Onyx

Titanium Software has a free optimization tool called Onyx.
As per Mark’s word:

Titanium’s OnyX is a nifty little OS X maintenance program – runs the cron scripts, repairs disk permissions, clears caches, etc.

Useful? probably. If someone wants to buy me a Mac, I’ll be happy to test it for you. Otherwise, I’ll take Mark’s word for it.

Microsoft Windows SP2 subject to memory attacks

Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2. Definitely one service pack that you should never install. If you do, be forewarned.

It was discovered by MaxPatrol team that it is possible to defeat Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP SP2 Heap protection and Data Execution Prevention mechanism. As a result it is possible to implement:
* Arbitrary memory region write access (smaller or equal to 1016 bytes) Arbitrary code execution
* DEP bypass.

BoingBoing < MaxPatrol

MacOSX: TextWrangler… free?

TextWrangler is written by BareBones. BareBones wrote BBEdit, and MailSmith, both very wonderful tools in the MacRealm of things. TextWrangler is a text editor, similar to Notepad for Windows, but with some better features.
BareBones is offering TextWrangler… FOR FREE? Hey. Never say you say there isn’t anything good for Mac.
Brought to you by GLUG‘s Mark (via GLUG‘s Adam).

Funny Videos

Are your hands as quick as this Japanese guy at an arcade?
Or how about this banned Microsoft Office XP ad because of too much sexuality?
All this and more at Funny Videos!

“You show me a secure MS OS and I will show you a flying pig.”

Amusing article on Lockergnome. A senior Microsoft executive [Nick McGrath] in the UK claims that there is no security in linux and that it is a myth. Lockergnome responds with words that even I would tear over:

You show me a secure MS OS and I will show you a flying pig. Windows compatibility; yes. Windows security; give me a break

Thank you Lockergnome for my first techie laugh all morning.
Lockergnome < vnunet.com


GPS::Tron is a interesting real-time game similar to the PacManhattan games. Object of the game is to corner your opponent by traveling within an area and driving them into a corner (in case you’re missing the point, it’s like Tron’s bike game, or Snakes, etc). Won the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica 2004.
Near Near Future < GPS::Tron

McDonald’s and Walmart sink to new lows

In an effort to reach Black America and talk the fancy young generation words, both Walmart and McDonalds are working up some cheesy marketing.
Read more here.
Via World Champion

Budweiser’s banned commercial

Amazing. They [FCC] banned this one? For what? Anyhow, enjoy.

George W. uses Hotmail?

Screenshot of George W. Bush’s Hotmail account. Hilarious!

Resident Evil 2 : Apocalypse flash game

Like it sounds. For all you Resident Evil fans!