This is your brain on cellular phones?

Fair Warning: This has been on my mind for a long time, and it’s not meant to demean or offend anyone. If you easily take offense to this topic, don’t read my rant. Otherwise, continue on…
Personal rant:
Engadget wrote about Christmas stupidity with cell phones. My question is, “Where is the common sense?!” The digest version: SFGate reported that the California Highway Patrol and 911 dispatchers are getting numerous phone calls from people who are getting cell phones as Christmas presents.

What next? Blaming those 1-900 calls as “testing” your cell phone? Working in the telecommunications business, I have been authorized in the past to test phones with 911 infrastructure. Even authorized testing is an annoyance, when you are technically taking up a precious line that could be needed for emergency use. I also happen to know that 1-900 calls are blocked from those test phases (yes it was for work, and no, I didn’t hear anything).
Strangely enough, everyone knows that 911 is for “emergency” use. It wasn’t too long ago that a thirteen year old boy thought it would be amusing to prank call 911 with his cellular phone and was arrested off of his school bus after the authorities traced it by the GPS locator. Yes, big brother can track you if you dial 911.
While my friend has always told me, “common sense is the rarest sense,” it is still difficult for me to understand where these people get the idea to dial those particular three numbers. Perhaps dialing information, or even your own house number? Perhaps a friend’s cell phone to gloat at finally being part of the cellular age? What really goes on in people’s heads when they dial 911 for testing is beyond all the infinite wisdom of the Dali Lama. Perhaps the devil coerced them into dialing those three little numbers, whispering… 9…1…1… You must dial….9…1…1…
End rant.