Powell gets verbal abuse for trying to become National Nanny

Ed Cone pointed the link to the amusing writings of Jeff Jarvis. Jeff berates Powell for trying to censor broadcasting, and other amusing facts, replying to Powell’s NYT Op-Ed piece. Amusing.

Personal note: Powell deserves the bashing from Mr. Jarvis. Just take a lookat BPL (Broadband over Powerline). After months of HAM radio operators (ARRL) lobbying since BPL would interfere on so many different frequencies, Michael Powell still had the nerve to approve it. I wonder how much money was under the table from power companies. Interestingly enough, Mr. Jarvis gives the point of view from the other side of the table and how millions of viewers/listeners still listen to the DJs, the hosts of news talk shows, while the FCC tries to discipline them all because of a few “annoyed” parents. Sorry Mr. Stern, but apparently some parents like Mr. Powell, can’t stop their kids from listening to you.
After reading some of the comments, I’m bemused by the “parents” that are concerned for their youngsters. One even was quick to point out the PG-13 to G slide scale. It is obvious that people don’t do their homework. MPAA is actually one f the forces that drives that scale. You think that the reasoning behind more sex, violence on TV is because of lack of discipline? Blame yourself. Growing up, I noticed this, but no one bothered to do a thing about it. Children aren’t stupid, and are maturing at a younger age. You don’t want them to be influenced, then quit letting them listen to gansta rap, and alternative music. Lock them in a basement where they can watch Sesame Street all day. Don’t blame society because you’re too scared to discipline your own children.
One last word. This is hilarious, and I had to quote Mr. Jarvis’ copyright notice:

It’s mine, I tell you, mine! All mine! You can’t have it because it’s mine! You can read it (please); you can quote it (thanks); but I still own it because it’s mine! I own it and you don’t. Nya-nya-nya. So there.
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