Paint.NET tries to take on GIMP in Open Source

Paint.NET is an Open Source initiative by Washington State University and Microsoft to try to replace the MS Paint in Windows XP. Written in C# and with GDI+ extensions, this is project will try to give The GIMP, a GTK based graphics program, a run for its money.
Slashdot covers it here.

Personal note: I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry over this one. GIMP is an Adobe Photoshop alternative while Paint.NET is to replace Microsoft Paint. Anyone that’s worked in graphics knows that you do everything in Photoshop. Period. So, if this is supposed to compete, we better see some brilliant workings in the making. Second, this comes from my alma mater. Graduating from the same department, I’m STILL trying to figure out if the department finally found direction or not. Reason being? These were the same people when I was a senior in college that told us that learning C and Unix filesystems wasn’t important for freshmen CS majors anymore and that Java and Windows was where the world was going to go. WSU CS, if you’ve finally found your calling, I applaude that it only took all of my collegiate career plus some. If not, I’m hardly going to bring up old wounds.