P2P freedom in 9 lines of Perl

Molester was written by Matthew Skala, in response to Dr. Ed Felten (TinyP2P) which was in 15 lines of Python. This was posted on the blog “Freedom to Tinker” and shows the futile nature of regulating P2P applications. Slashdot covers here.

Personal note: Everyone wants to regulate everything. Why can they leave open-source alone? You have to realize that just like the DVD decrypt by a Carnegie Mellon professor in 5 lines of perl, this is one of the other things (BitTorrent) where you’re sticking your head in the lion’s den. The open-source swarm technology has nothing to do with the actual uses, just like Smith & Wesson doesn’t commit murder when someone uses one of their handguns to “murder” someone. People are the ones that take action, not automatons.