MPAA and RIAA don’t know what to do with BitTorrent

MPAA and RIAA don’t know what to do with BitTorrent. With earlier P2P networks, there was a centralized structure to attack and while those structures were only the means to the “piracy” it didn’t stop those organizations from going after them. BitTorrent has thrown a new curve ball at these organizations. With a more establish decentralized environment, any file or perhaps “pirated” could be perpetuated and tracking down this network for lawsuits would be very difficult (for the non-techies).
Slashdot covers this in greater detail.

Personal note: While I agree wholeheartedly with the fight against piracy, I think that it’s ridiculous to fight it by attacking the P2P networks. In the same regards, that’s like saying that if a spammer took hold of your mail server, you should take up the punishment of spamming. Any person that is willing to circumvent the technologies, will do so by any means. Drive your goals towards education and prevention, like the CYBERGUARD Project instead of scare tactics. I suppose that Greensboro in certain ways, way ahead of the curve on these types of issues.