Mozilla Lightning shooting for Outlook replacement?

The Mozilla Foundation is at it again. Code-named Lightning, it is to integrate current projects of Sunbird (calendaring) and Thunderbird (mail) to combat Outlook. Microsoft has already dismissed the project claiming that the Outlook/Exchange model is better and that the Mozilla project will probably “not be suitable for business use.” Slashdot covers it here.

Personal note: The one bane that holds back many Windows users from using open-source. Outlook. Yet, there are stupid issues in Outlook that I hope to get fixed with Lightning. Outlook’s Out-of-office assistant promotes SPAM. Why? The spam that hits my Inbox gets sent to a folder called “spam”. When you turn on the assistant, it replies to ALL e-mails that there’s no one home. So the next time you turn on your assistant, remember: You’re perpetuating the spam too.