Movies holding audiences hostages

Fair Warning: This has been on my mind for a long time, and it’s not meant to demean or offend anyone. If you easily take offense to this topic, don’t read my rant. Otherwise, continue on…
Personal rant:
When was the last time you saw a movie and remember that there wasn’t a television commercial, and only ten minutes of previews? I bet it was at least in my lifetime. Yet, while the MPAA chases after pirating, claiming that it’s one of the biggest reasons behind their loss of money (and I support their cause in this matter), they are losing their audiences because of something that THEY implemented.

To clarify, this DOESN’T mean that piracy is the key or the answer to this matter. In fact, I dislike the movie piracy (cams, telesyncs, telecines, or screeners) for all of the obvious reasons. No, I’m miffed that if I pay a full ticket price ($8.25-$8.75 these days) at a theater and am expected to sit there and pay for concessions, there is no reason for me to watch television commercials before a 2-3 hour long movie. Did I mention that usually the theater plays a 330 line res commercial that was made for television so it doesn’t even look right at the high resolution? Someone even wonders if they’ll attack BitTorrent, a prominent swarm technology that has revolutionized the Internet in the last couple of years.
Thus, this is one of the reasons why I’m renting movies now instead of going to them. You would not believe the amount of movies I’ve watched and rented from Netflix. And to add to their services, they charge me less and boosted their turn-around time. Now that’s customer service.
What makes me even more angry is the IPPA (Intellectual Property Protection Act) almost passed through in the lame duck session of the Senate if it wasn’t for some brilliant individuals picking up on things like “not being able to fast forward through previews” on media, where I assume DVDs.
MPPA, please get a grip. To fight piracy, put more money into education, than the bullying tactics. All you do is gain a lot of annoyed geeks and nerds. Believe me when I say, as one of them, I don’t appreciate you holding me hostage at the theater and then hurting open-source technology that has revolutionized your lives. Go find something better to do instead of putting a “gun to my head” to watch some stupid Levi’s commercial.
End rant.