How can I trust Firefox? – Peter Torr

Peter Torr (Microsoft) writes about some of the issues he ran into while installing Firefox 1.0. Most of them are complaints about the installer and unsigned controls (such as ActiveX), where Microsoft is famous for. Granted, this should be taken with a grain of salt. He is after all a Program Manager for Microsoft and not a bonafide geek like the rest of the Slashdot readers. In any case, he was given the “smackdown” by slashdot readers all over the world.

Personal note: Obviously, there are people that act like this one in the world. That’s why we have the “No Child Left Behind” program. We’re trying to dumb things down so that everyone can be just as dimwitted. What I find most amusing is that I’ve known Microsoft employees that have told me that their code stinks but they have no choice but to follow specifications. This leads me to believe that we have another manager that is trying to link two things together: his/her obvious ignorance to technology and having a strong opinion about the subject.