Dell selects Winston-Salem

The N&R reports that “Dell selects Winston-Salem“. With $30 million dollars in cash and services and a 189-acre land offer, there was hardly much competition. Guilford has said that it’s still a “win” for them. The N&R also reports that in the first five years, Dell is expected to hire 1200 employees. Building of the plant will start in January so that opening can be scheduled in fall of 2005.

Personal note: Again, where was the “Triad” in all of these negotiations? It became a battlefront worse than siblings fighting over chocolate cake. In a sense, I’m glad that it’s here to stay to help the economics and that Greensboro residents won’t have to pay extra taxation to pay for the incentive packages. On top of this, we can get some unemployed people back on the grind. When all is said and done, we still need to work on playing together in the sandbox.