Dell and the Tri…. Three Kingdoms

Fair Warning: This has been on my mind for a long time, and it’s not meant to demean or offend anyone. If you easily take offense to this topic, don’t read my rant. Otherwise, continue on…
Personal rant:
Dell, I applaude you. In coming to the Piedmont region, you have picked three cities that have fierce competition for your plant operations. As for the three cities that I love so dearly, we need to work on the whole “TRIAD” concept.

After going to the State of the Triad dinner, which was sponsored by all three Chambers of Commerce, I started to get agitated with the whole Dell thing. It’s great that they (Dell) are coming to the Triad, and great that we are finally getting an economic growth booster shot from this and FedEx, but really folks. It’s not rocket science nor is it research labs.
Steve Little (INC Magazine) told us to band together, as one cohesive community. Yet, it’s only been two weeks and we’re already back to the fierce competition for the Dell plant. Whatever happened to One Triad? Too little, too late I suppose. Truthfully, it won’t make any difference to the people, since a forty minute commute either way will still be feasible.
I love this city that I live in, and want to make it a better place. But if all of those that participated at the function have such short-term memory that they could not stop the brutal onslaught of “nyah nyah, I have a better offer” ordeal.
Perhaps Dell will pick Greensboro because of the airport, or pick Winston-Salem because of their free land offer. Who really knows what High Point is giving up since they’ve been mum about their bid for the plant. In the end, Dell wins the most, from the tax incentives, to the great employee pool from three different cities. Bravo, on the play, Dell. It’s the ninth inning and the visiting team just hit a grand slam.
Remember. Those that play together, stay together. For the community, please try to remember that we’re still one region, one Triad.
End rant.