Comcast throws down gauntlet with TiVo

Engadget talks about how Comcast, a major cable provider, is throwing down the gauntlet with TiVo. With the Motorola 6412 DVR in hand, and costing the consumer a measly $10 per month, Comcast is ready to rock on. The Motorola DVR is capable of doing dual tuner recording, HDTV on demand, and recording HDTV, and record 60 hours of regular TV. TiVo pricing runs $99 a box plus $14.95 per month. Boy TiVo is going to be have a run for their money.

Personal note: Comcast is doing something GOOD for their customers? The world has come to an end! Actually, humor put aside, this really is something that is great that there’s going to be some competition in the realm of TiVo. Now who’s going to launch some satellites and take on XM?