Can you spell?

Fair Warning: This has been on my mind for a long time, and it’s not meant to demean or offend anyone. If you easily take offense to this topic, don’t read my rant. Otherwise, continue on…
Personal rant:
Spelling has always been a pet peeve of mine. No I don’t ever use spell check. Why? It’s a tool of which I have no use for usually. Now before someone goes off and spouts the greatness of Microsoft spell check made the world what it is, I must say, what did people do before spell check? Also, I’m not saying that I’ve never spelled a word incorrectly. It happens, get over it.

I find that while those with only a high school education MIGHT have a reason to not know, there is no reason why one with a higher educational background NOT to know. For example in the corporate world where I receive plenty of e-mails:
Receive ( i before e except after c), lose ( not loose), and so on so forth.
While the English language has more exceptions than any other language I know, I was never hot and heavy over it, and could only write average English papers throughout school. This scares me, when I (self-proclaimed techie) can see errors in spelling and grammar that a “SENIOR Management” person writes out. You could put that up as everyone makes mistakes, but not day in day out.
Perhaps it’s just my little pet peeve, the same as people not knowing when to use “there” or “they’re” or “their”.
But really. Would you rather learn this, or memorize 3000-5000+ unique characters just so you can read the paper and write a letter ( exaggeration on unique, there is a tie in Chinese, but they don’t teach that in the United States collegiate level courses).
I suppose it’s too much to ask. With half the world starving, and the other half ripping each other’s throats out for the sake of money, the last thing people care about is spelling. Like I said before. Pet Peeve.
End Rant.